Gardening tools and plantsIf you like to garden, chances are that you have invested quite a bit of money in tools to make your gardening easier. Now that winter is nearing, it’s time to think of storing those garden gadgets away.

Don’t just throw them into a pile, or worse, leave them lying around the garden area. (You don’t do that, do you?) They served you well during the growing season, right? Don’t they deserve a little cleaning up and organizing? But seriously, folks, if you don’t clean and wipe the garden debris away, the metal part will rust and you may not be able to use them next year. It also makes you feel good that you are so organized and neat.

Wash and dry the smaller tools in soapy water. Then moisten a rag with linseed oil and wipe the metal parts down. After you are satisfied that they are in good shape, arrange them neatly in a storage area. A pegboard hung on the wall or a canvas shoebag is a great way of keeping the smaller tools neatly stored.

When spring finally arrives, you are ready to take your gardening tools out and start the process all over again. You will be glad you took the time last fall to set things up for an easy start to the next planting season.

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