There are currently over 900 million people on Facebook with 526 million daily active users. So why not advertise where people are? It only makes sense to get the maximum exposure when you are trying to sell your home.

Facebook makes this possible in a way that is unique to online marketing and you should expect from your real estate professional that Facebook is part of the marketing plan. Real estate has always been something that online consumers search for from the comfort of their home and now mobile device.

There is a shift in our society to communicating and searching for information online, traditional advertising models may not be as effective as they were in past. Facebook offers the ability to target an audience like never before and the opportunity for your message to go viral or across the internet.

Here are a few questions to ask when looking at hiring a real estate professional when it comes to Facebook.

1. Do they have a Facebook business page?

2. What does it look like? Is it professionally designed? The way they market is a reflection of how your home will be marketed.

3. Does the Facebook page have a property search?

4. Does the Facebook business page have a way to capture the lead or inquiry?

5. Will your home be promoted on Facebook with photos, and written descriptions?

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