Is clutter taking over your life? There is a way to take your life back from the piles of junk collecting in your home and it doesn’t involve all of your things ending up in the landfill.

Here are just a few smart and frugal ideas for repurposing old stuff…


For Decorating

Use old hardware from dresser drawers to hang curtains.

Use junk CDs and DVDs as drink coasters.

For Organizing

Use oatmeal containers and coffee tins to store flour, sugar and mixes.

Use old doorknobs to make a coat rack.

For Outside

Use egg cartons, old jars, tins and yogurt cartons to make functional seed starters.

Use old wooden ladders as part of your landscaping, allowing ivy and other vine plants to climb them.

Use CDs to scare birds away from your berry garden. Hang CDs from a tree near your berry bushes. The shiny, moving objects will frighten birds, keeping them away from your sun-ripened berries.

Use Cooking Spray as an ice repellent. Spray both sides of a plastic or metal shovel with cooking spray and the ice will slide right off.

Repurposing items is easy if you start by changing the way you look at things. Next time you think something is trash, stop and think “how can I repurpose this?”

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